New Network? Hannity Answers Rumors About Leaving Fox

Since the ouster of Bill O’Reilly rumors have been rampant about the future of Fox News.

Just a few days ago Sean Hannity teased via Twitter about the possibility that Fox News could come to an end if they axed top executive Bill Shine, which they did yesterday.

Adding fuel to the fire are the rumors of an alternative conservative network being formed and that that network is actively recruiting Hannity.

But Hannity broke the silence last night and explained to sources that he will NOT be exercising his contract rights to leave Fox News.

This essentially makes him the new king of conservative cable news in place of O’Reilly.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit…

Sean Hannity confirmed a source to be true after they claimed he will ‘not negotiate’ for an exit at Fox News following the bombshell news that Fox News Co-President, Bill Shine had resigned.

Independent Journal Review wrote an article claiming a source said that Sean Hannity will ‘not negotiate’ for an exit at Fox News and Hannity has confirmed this by tweeting out the article, “If I have anything to say about @FoxNews, I will say it tonight at 10 EST. All I’ll say now is this is true”.

A source close to Sean Hannity tells Independent Journal Review that contrary to earlier reports, he is “not negotiating” for a departure from Fox News. After network co-president Bill Shine had resigned earlier on Monday, it was reported that Hannity wanted out of his contract, which purportedly let him quit if Shine left the company.

The story broke earlier Tuesday afternoon after New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman reported that Hannity’s contract allows him to quit his show if Shine left the network:

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