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New Poll: Americans’ Optimism Hits 11-Year High

After eight long years of national depression (and oppression) under Barack Obama, it’s “morning in America again.”

According to a new poll commissioned by — wait for it — CNN, fully 57% of Americans are optimistic about the future of the country.

What’s even more surprising is that 40% of Democrats are optimistic as well.

American attitudes haven’t been this positive since 2007, just before the Great Recession began.

But it shouldn’t come as any surprise.

When regulations are slashed, taxes are cut and an administration that actually likes the military is at the helm, voters tend to be inspired.

But after all, it’s not rocket science, folks.

November should be an eye-opener for Democrats who banked on voters souring on Trump.

Here’s more from Breitbart…

A poll released by the far-left CNN shows that optimism about the direction of the country under President Trump has hit an 11-year high of 57 percent. The last time this same poll registered a number that high was in January 2007. This includes 40 percent of Democrats, which is a leap of 15 points from just last month. Only 40 percent say things are going badly.

Also of note is that CNN polled a random sample of adults. Polls that screen for registered or likely voters generally produce a more favorable result for Trump. This poll is a good example. While Trump’s job approval rating sits at 41 percent with all adults, when CNN’s polling firm (SSRS) screened for registered voters, the president’s job approval rating jumped to 44 percent.

The fact that 57 percent of Americans are expressing optimism about the direction of the country is a very big deal and bodes well for Republicans in the upcoming midterm election. What’s more, if the number holds, it is a very good sign Trump will be re-elected despite his own personal job approval ratings.

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