New Poll Shows How Voters Feel About Republican Control of Congress

Voters swung hard toward the Republicans in late September, suggesting the Democrats’ summer surge is waning as the midterm elections approach, according to a new poll from Monmouth University.

In the survey, the Democrats saw their standing in the generic ballot shrink from a 50% to 43% lead over the Republicans in August to a 47% to 44% deficit last month, with more respondents preferring Republican control of Congress. The poll ran from Sept. 21-25. The survey also found economic concerns trumping abortion, with 82% saying inflation was their top priority and 68% saying jobs and unemployment were most important, compared to 56% who said the same about abortion.

Concern about the loss of federal protections for abortion rights in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling was a big driver in the Democrats’ improvement in the polls in late August and early September. Data from the latest Monmouth Poll suggest that rise has subsided, reverting to a political atmosphere that would be expected to produce substantial Republican gains. Read more…

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