New Poll: Trump, GOP Turn the Tide Ahead of November

President Trump rallied Republicans during the congressional retreat in West Virginia over the weekend.

Congratulating them for the work done on the tax cut bill and in aiding the reduction of regulations, he hinted at big things to come.

What he was referring to is a major poll just released by Monmouth University showing a 10-point jump in Trump’s approval rating and the generic ballot advantage for Democrats dropping once again to an anemic two points.

It’s still a political eternity until the November midterm elections, so anything can happen.

But the last time a first-term president got that big of a bump going into the midterms was…never.

Nancy Pelosi has good reason to be worried about her chances for Speaker again.

Here’s more from The Hill…

Republicans are feeling better about their prospects in the midterm elections, buoyed by recent polls that show their numbers improving.

An ebullient President Trump touted the shift in public sentiment reflected in recent polls during a joint Senate-House Republican retreat in West Virginia this week.

“I just looked at some numbers, you’ve even done better than you thought,” Trump told lawmakers, citing poll numbers he discussed Thursday with National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chairman Steve Stivers (R-Ohio).

“The numbers are pretty good and that’s one example of how things are getting better,” Stivers told reporters after discussing polling numbers with Trump.

Stivers said the bump in Trump’s approval rating is a good sign for Republicans running for reelection.

“No president in their second year has seen their approval rating go up except now this one,” Stivers noted.

GOP lawmakers discussed the favorable turn in poll numbers during their retreat.


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