New Report Shows Corruption at DOJ That Began With Obama

The House Judiciary minority on Nov. 4 released a new report, FBI Whistleblowers: What Their Disclosures Indicate About the Politicization of the FBI And Justice Department (DOJ), “detailing a rampant culture of unaccountability, manipulation, and abuse at the highest level.” The Report details many of the issues that The Epoch Times has reported on over the years.

As the House Judiciary notes, “The thousand-page report builds on various whistleblower disclosures describing the FBI’s Washington hierarchy as ‘rotted at its core’ with a ‘systemic culture of unaccountability.'”

The report “also highlights how the FBI has weaponized the federal government against its political opponents, illustrates how FBI leadership shows a political bias against conservatives, and enumerates instances where senior officials have pressured agents to reclassify cases as domestic violent extremism to fit a political narrative.” Read more…

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