News Flash: Planned Parenthood Discriminates Against Its Pregnant Employees

Planned Parenthood just got a big dose of equal employment opportunity medicine with a condemning but not surprising report via the New York Times. The Times reveals that America’s number one abortion provider factors pregnancy into its hiring and employment decisions. Highlights – or lowlights – include FIRING or demoting employees after they give birth because the “women’s health” organization does not provide or allow their employees to “plan” maternity leave to be a “parent.” Then again they also do not report rape to police, hide sonograms, and kill babies for profit. We’re still waiting on Congress to defund this heinous mafia.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

According to a devastating report in The New York Times, Planned Parenthood has been accused of discriminating against its pregnant employees. As The Daily Wire noted this week, the “women’s health” organization is accused of factoring pregnancy into employment decisions and denying breaks to pregnant women.

Former employees reveal a work environment hostile to pregnant employees. Some say they were even fired or demoted after giving birth. Incredibly, most Planned Parenthood affiliates do not provide maternity leave. The hypocrisy is staggering for a company that claims to champion women’s health.

But this is only the latest layer of hypocrisy to be peeled back and exposed. This, after all, is the same Planned Parenthood that pretends to support the Me Too movement yet fails to report rape to the police. The is the Planned Parenthood that claims to advocate choice yet hides sonograms from women so that they can’t make an informed one.

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