No Bueno: Rogue Employee Deleted Trump’s Twitter Account

So this week Twitter publicly admitted that a ‘rogue employee’ deleted President Trump’s official Twitter profile on his/her last day on the job.

Though the account was only down for eleven minutes and was restored with backups, the incident poses a number of serious questions.

The most obvious is how the lefty-tech world can answer for the apparent hypocrisy between its insistence on free speech, especially on the Internet, and its demand for censorship for Republican leaders.

But what’s more alarming is this question: if a rogue employee can delete an entire account, what’s to stop them from tweeting from the account something like, “An attack on North Korea has now been launched”?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Over the course of last night, social media blew up with the news that a rogue Twitter employee took Donald Trump’s Twitter account offline as his final act of defiance against The Man. Twitter acknowledged the breach of conduct, though as Caleb pointed out, their original claim that it was “inadvertent” did not actually pan out.

This morning, Donald Trump took to Twitter to express what I can only describe as pride at being taken offline. To Trump, that is a sign that he’s being silenced because he’s spreading the Good Word.

I mean, say what you want about his alleged temper, but Trump is nothing if not proud to be hated, and a member of #TheResistance taking his Twitter account offline from Twitter HQ is a pretty big hit.

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