No Deal: House to Vote on Budget Deal Without DACA

Whatever hope there might have been for a grand compromise on a bipartisan DACA fix went down the toilet last week after the ‘s-hole’ incident.

Dems have walked away from the table content to join the media in the dump on Trump routine.

So Republicans have announced they’ll simply go it alone on the stopgap spending measure to prevent a government shut-down, but with zilch in the way of addressing the DREAMers.

There’s little chance the measure fails in the House, but whether Senate Republicans will toe the line is another question.

If even two of them don’t, it’ll be an all-out war (we’re looking at you, Collins and Murkowski).

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

The House will vote as early as Thursday on a measure to temporarily extend government funding until Feb. 16 and to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program for six years.

The legislation, at this point, will not include immigration reform language or a provision to protect so-called “Dreamers” from being deported.

Republican leaders informed rank-and-file lawmakers at a meeting late Tuesday.

The legislation includes a few “sweeteners” aimed at drawing in GOP and Democratic votes, although it’s unlikely to win much Democratic support.

It would also delay by two years a tax on medical devices and a tax on high-cost health plans. Another tax on Obamacare insurers would be delayed for one year.

All of the taxes were created to help fund Obamacare. The medical device tax was delayed in 2015 for two years but went back into effect on Jan. 1, as did a tax on Obamacare health insurers.

The tax on high-cost health plans, often called the “Cadillac” tax, has never gone into effect and is delayed until 2020.

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