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No, Guns Aren’t the Problem; This is the Problem

We were all shocked by the recent mass murder of children at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. It was a ghastly replay of nightmares that unfolded at Sandy Hook, Columbine, and other facilities where young people were supposed to be safe but which suddenly became death traps.

These slaughters always raise the same questions: Why do such tragedies occur? Were there no warning signs which someone might have spotted? How did security procedures fail so miserably?

And they bring forth the same proposed solutions: Provide better mental health services so troubled individuals can receive help. Keep those individuals from getting their hands on guns. Ban guns altogether…

The questions may or may not be relevant to the problem. The proposed solutions may or may not do any good. But they never quite get to the heart of the matter: evil. Read more…

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