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No, Unionizing Woke Companies Won’t Save Conservatism Inc.

Amazon and Starbucks, two corporations renown for their progressive politics, are facing unionization efforts. That explains why a number of conservatives, particularly of a populist bent, endorse unionization at Amazon and Starbucks—they think the efforts will stick it to “woke capital.”

Many of these conservatives have adopted a pro-union position to signal their support for “economic populism.” They imagine these Amazon and Starbucks workers as a potential bulwark against “woke capital.” The GOP is allegedly the working man’s party now; it only makes sense to back these unionization efforts.

But this is grossly mistaken. Rather than serving as a bulwark against woke capital, these unionization efforts will only make woke capital more pervasive. These workers aren’t secret national populists waiting for Republicans to stand with them—they’re leftists who want their employers to be even woker. Read more…

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