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No Wonder Nobody Trusts Public Schools…

Nearly every one in four American adults are not at all satisfied with the state of their nation’s K-12 public education, a new poll says.

The latest Gallup poll, released Sept. 1, reports that just 42 percent of respondents said they’re at least somewhat satisfied with the quality of education offered at K-12 public schools in the United States, marking the lowest reading since 2000 (36 percent).

At the same time, 23 percent of respondents said they are “completely dissatisfied,” and 32 percent are “somewhat dissatisfied.”

…According to Gallup, dissatisfaction with the public education system among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents has been rapidly rising since former President Donald Trump left the White House. Republicans’ satisfaction dropped to 35 percent in 2021 and now stands at 30 percent, while Democrats’ decreased from 57 to 51 percent over the past year. Read more…

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