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Noem’s Shocking Admission: Only One Candidate Can Win

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem recently discussed President Biden’s energy agenda, foreign policy, and her efforts to fill job openings in her state. When asked about the 2024 Republican presidential primary, Noem declined to endorse any candidate, stating that she doesn’t see a “path to victory” for anyone other than former President Donald Trump. Despite being mentioned as a potential contender herself, Noem emphasized her focus on South Dakota and her commitment to serving her state rather than campaigning for the White House.

Noem acknowledged having conversations about the 2024 race with North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, who sought her support. She described Burgum as a hardworking individual and suggested that he could perform well in Iowa due to its agricultural focus, similar to North Dakota. However, when pressed about making an endorsement, Noem firmly declined, citing President Trump’s presence in the race as a significant factor. She acknowledged that the presidential race could be a roller coaster, urging people to be prepared for unexpected developments.

Despite numerous Republicans vying for the nomination, former President Trump remains the frontrunner and enjoys strong support among GOP voters. Trump’s early lead in primary polls has persisted, even in the face of legal challenges and investigations. While there is a segment of the Republican electorate that does not support Trump, the dynamics could change if the field narrows to include Trump and one or two other contenders. Noem stressed the importance of nominating a candidate who can secure a victory for the party.

When asked about a potential 2024 presidential run, Noem indicated that she is not ruling anything out. She acknowledged the unprecedented nature of the upcoming developments in the race and expressed openness to the possibility that the eventual winner may not even be a current candidate. Noem’s comments suggest that she is closely monitoring the evolving political landscape and keeping her options open for the future.

As a conservative governor focused on serving her state, Noem’s decision not to endorse a candidate in the 2024 primary reflects her commitment to prioritizing South Dakota’s needs over national politics. Her remarks underscore the ongoing popularity and influence of former President Trump within the Republican Party, while also acknowledging the potential for unexpected developments in the upcoming presidential race.

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