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North Dakota Mayor Defends Security: Blocks Chinese Corn Mill!

A North Dakota mayor has moved to block approval of a Chinese-owned corn mill in his town after the Air Force warned that it could potentially be a national security threat.

Grand Forks Mayor Brandon Bochenski, a Republican and former NHL player, said with the city council’s approval, he would block the opening of the mill operated by Fufeng USA, an American subsidiary of a Chinese company.

“The federal government has requested the city’s help in stopping the project as geo-political tensions have greatly increased since the initial announcement of the project,” Bochenski said in a statement.

“The only remedies the city has to meet this directive is to refuse to connect industrial infrastructure and deny building permits. As mayor of the city of Grand Forks, I am requesting these remedies be undertaken and the project be stopped, pending City Council approval,” Bochenski continued. Read more…

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