North Korea Just Test Launched ICBM With Range to Hit Denver

Just when we thought things were crazy enough with Russia and the ongoing White House saga, North Korea decided to ratchet things up a bit.

This week the Pentagon confirmed a launch by North Korea of another ICBM test.

This test, unlike previous tests, was in flight for at least 45 seconds.

That doesn’t sound like much, until you factor in the flight speed.

With that taken into consideration, the range of the missile was estimated at 6,200 miles.

In other words if it had been a live launch, it could’ve reached Denver.

And it doesn’t take much more effort to push that range to Chicago and even New York.

This ain’t pretty, folks.

Here’s more from Redstate…

A short while ago, I posted on a new North Korean missile test.

New information is now available and it points to a quickening of the crisis that already existed in regards to North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

The missile had a time of flight of about 45 seconds. This puts it in the ICBM class and indicates it has a range of at least10,000km or 6,200 miles. The ICBM classification is confirmed by the Pentagon:

In practical terms this is what a 6,200-mile range means:


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