Nosedive: NFL Games Open to Half or Barely Full Stadiums

If you bothered to watch an NFL game this weekend, you’re almost surely among a quickly dwindling minority of fans who did.

The NFL’s nosedive into abysmal TV audience and ratings continues as Commissioner Roger Goodell’s attempt to straddle the fence is only adding fuel to the dumpster fire.

His recent ‘players should stand for the anthem’ declaration only served to further enrage both sides of the debate.

The ire of the patriotic fan base expected him to insist on standing while the players are frustrated at his apparent about-face.

And now the nosedive is seriously affecting ticket sales with many stadiums opening up to half-filled venues or even less.

Goodell should take note: this is what happens when you play with PC fire.

You’ll always get burned in the end.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

The NFL entered Week 7 today and it’s obvious the backlash against players kneeling for the national anthem continues.

Here are a few tweets from around the league showing fans voting with their pocketbooks by not purchasing game tickets, leading to half-full — or worse — stadiums.

Courtesy of Gateway Pundit. All tweets show stadiums after kickoff.

Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets

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