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Now the Pro-Trans Cult Wants to Lower the Age of Consent

A confidential document obtained by The Post Millennial from the leading transgender health association shows they plan to lower the recommended age for minors to obtain cross-sex hormones that cause permanent changes to the body and irreversible chest, genital and face surgeries. This health association is one that countless doctors and hospitals rely on to create their guidance for medicalized gender transition for minors and adults.

The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is set to release the 8th edition of their Standards of Care this year, but a recently unearthed, early draft reveals that their minimum age recommendations for children to start the process of medicalized gender transition have been lowered.

For cross-sex hormones, the recommended minimum age has been lowered to 14, from 16 in the previous guidelines. The recommended age limit for double mastectomies of healthy breasts has been lowered to 15, and for male minors seeking breast augmentation, WPATh recommends 16 years old as the lower age limit. That is also the age limit, per WPATH’s draft guidelines, for facial surgeries and tracheal shaves.

The age for genital surgeries, such as hysterectomy and vaginoplasty, has been lowered to 17, a year earlier than previous guidance. Read more…

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