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NRA Files Federal Suit Against Florida Gun Control Bill

You’ll recall we alerted you previously to the Florida legislature’s rejection of a ban on assault rifles.

Which was welcomed news.

But what they did NOT reject was raising the age of purchase for guns to 21.

And now the NRA is taking the state of Florida to court arguing that this is a violation of the Second Amendment. They may have an interesting angle here.

If the right to bear arms applies implicitly to any non-criminal adult, then the legal age of majority is 18 not 21…which is, of course, why one can enter the military and fire a weapon in defense of our country at 18.

This will be interesting to watch.

Here’s more from Redstate…

This will be an interesting battle, though I am not sure if the NRA will get a victory. The NRA filed suit in federal court seeking to overturn the law just signed today by Florida Governor Rick Scott.

I am not an attorney but it appears the NRA is claiming any purchase restriction for people under 21 for any type of firearm is unconstitutional. In the full complaint they cite the voting age of 18 as part of their argument but it took a constitutional amendment to get there.

Again, I am not an attorney so I can’t say for sure what will happen here or detail the intricacies of the suit. The Supreme Court has been hesitant to weigh in on these cases as of late. Whether or not they do the same here remains to be seen. Let’s see what a federal judge says, first.

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