Nunes Phase 3: Investigate former CIA Chief John Brennan

We’re already aware of phase one of the House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into collusion during the election, which was made clear by the recent memo.

And we highlighted phase two of the investigation which is looking into further corruption at the State Department, specifically with respect to Hillary’s email server.

We now know from an anonymous source that phase three of the investigation will dig into the role of Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan who reportedly served as a very ‘political’ actor and was more responsible for weaponizing the Steele dossier for the FBI’s use than any other individual.

This could get interesting very quickly.

Here’s more from Redstate…

It’s no secret House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes will continue his investigation into the creation and use of the Steele dossier now that he and the committee have established they believe it was funded by Hillary Clinton and the DNC and improperly used to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Trump adviser Carter Page.

And it’s no secret he’s turning his focus on the State Department and their role passing “intelligence” from foreign sources through Clinton associates (possibly Sidney Blumenthal) to former British intelligence officer Michael Steele for inclusion in the dossier.

But what broke yesterday may just be the biggest scandal of an almost unbelievably scandalous story: Nunes is also turning his attention to former CIA chief John Brennan according to a lightning bolt of a story published in Real Clear Investigations.

According to their investigation, the Committee’s memo, released last week, detailing possible abuses at the FBI and DOJ in securing the FISA warrant to surveil Page (notably a lack of disclosure about who funded the dossier and how many senior officials may have been aware of that funding without informing the FISA judge) and a planned deep dive into what happened at the State Department are nowhere near the end of what Nunes plans to examine.

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