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NYT Confirms Heavy CIA Involvement in Ukraine

Though the media claimed for months that it was a “conspiracy theory” that US forces were in Ukraine using the country as a battleground for a US-led proxy war with Russia, the New York Times confirmed on Friday that CIA personnel are on the ground directing the war…

The American people said from the beginning of the war they did not want American forces on the ground in Ukraine but our globalist oligarchs know best.

They’re funneling $60 billion in arms and bribes to keep the war going in perpetuity and they’re willing to crash the entire global economy with endless sanctions to stall Russia’s special operation for a few extra months. If their intervention leads to World War III and a global economic collapse, that’s a price they’re willing (for you) to pay.

Though our occupiers are passing laws to disarm Americans and end the Second Amendment here at home, they’re flooding Ukraine with endless weapons and handing them out to anyone who wants one, including hardened criminals President Zelensky released from prison and child soldiers. Read more…

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