NYT: Trump Pressing GOP to Repeal Obamacare ‘ASAP’

President-elect Donald Trump is wasting no time getting his agenda pushed through Congress whether on the border wall, defense spending or Obamacare.

Now he’s pressuring Republican leaders to schedule a vote on an Obamacare repeal next week to coincide with the inauguration.

Here’s more from Newsmax:

One week after cautioning Congressional Republicans with their repeal and replace efforts with Obamacare, President-elect Donald Trump is now pushing them to hold a repeal vote “sometime next week,” The New York Times reported.

“We have to get to business,” Trump told The Times. “Obamacare has been a catastrophic event.”

The sudden urgency is in stark contrast to Trump’s message last week which was, in essence, tread carefully and do this right — Democrats should continue to own the mess of Obamacare.

“Don’t let the Schumer clowns out of this web,” Trump tweeted Jan. 4.

But it is Trump standing on the accelerator, now going faster than Republicans seem to be prepared — or able — to go. Is it repeal and replace, or repeal first, replace later?

“Long to me would be weeks,” Trump told The Times. “It won’t be repeal and then two years later go in with another plan.”

But House Speaker Paul Ryan wants to ensure “a stable transition period so that people do not have the rug pulled out from under them.”

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