Obama Aides Leaked Details of Meeting with Trump

Don’t be fooled by Barack Obama’s alleged “nice-guy” routine with President-Elect Donald Trump.

After their one-on-one meeting about White House transition, Obama aides showed their true colors.

Here’s more from Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama met with President-elect Donald Trump Friday at the White House, and it didn’t take long for Obama to leak a negative spin on the meeting.

Obama aides reported that Trump “seemed surprised at the scope” of responsibilities of the president, according to the Wall Street Journal. Obama called for Democrats to “give Trump a chance to lead,” adding that “Trump’s success is our success.”

White House insiders also told the Journal that Trump was unaware that all of the staff at the White House would need to be replaced, but the fact that Trump staff created a website to fill over 4,000 jobs Friday means the Trump transition team knew a large number of posts would need to be filled in a relatively short time.

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