Obama Campaign Manager: “Bernie Can’t Win in 2020”

Former Deputy Chief of Staff and 2012 Obama campaign manager Jim Messina doesn’t think Bernie can beat Trump in 2020. During an interview on ABC’s “Powerhouse Politics” podcast, Messina said the Vermont socialist senator would likely be one of the “final two or three candidates” thanks to some Democratic National Committee rules changes, but that would not be enough because Bernie cannot mobilize the moderates needed to win the election. “The three Democrats who have won the presidency in my lifetime-Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama-have been able to do both.” Messina is absolutely correct, but we’re really going to enjoy watching Bernie make the hard sell of socialism to those who aren’t buying it.

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Appearing on the Wednesday episode of ABC’s “Powerhouse Politics” podcast, former deputy chief of staff and 2012 campaign manager for President Barack Obama, Jim Messina, stated that he doesn’t believe Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) can beat Trump in 2020.

Messina first noted that Sanders would likely be one of the “final two or three candidates” in the Democratic primaries due in part to his team, which, “over the last four years, in delegate meeting after delegate meeting, and DNC meeting after DNC meeting … got the rules changed in a way that really, really helps [Sanders].”

When host Jonathan Karl asked what it would mean for the Democrats to nominate Bernie Sanders, Messina spoke about the internal struggle currently roiling the candidates, which has to do with the direction in which to take the party.

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