Obama Hints at a Pardon for Hillary Before Inauguration

Hillary was resoundingly rejected on Tuesday night, and it may spell the end of the Clinton political machine. And the only thing waiting for her now is a possible indictment from the Trump DOJ.

But she could slip once again from the clutches of justice just as she has for over thirty years… that is President Obama follows through with his hint of a pardon.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner:

White House spokesman Josh Earnest declined to say Wednesday if President Obama would consider issuing a blanket pardon for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whose charitable foundation is reportedly being investigated by FBI field offices for evidence of corruption, in order to spare her further investigation under incoming President Donald Trump.

“As you know, the president has offered clemency to a substantial number of Americans who were previously serving time in federal prisons, and we didn’t talk in advance about the president’s plans to offer clemency to any of those individuals,” Earnest told reporters on Wednesday upon being asked about Donald Trump’s threat in the final presidential debate to jail Clinton if he made it to the Oval Office.

“We don’t talk about the president’s thinking… with respect to any particular cases that may apply to any pardons or commutations,” Earnest said when asked about Clinton’s case.

Earnest also seemed to nudge Trump away from the idea of pressing for charges against Clinton once he takes office in January.


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