Obama Throws Hillary Under the Bus for Loss

Democrats everywhere are in disarray and turning on their own in a wild attempt to find someone to blame for the massive loss in the election.

And now President Obama may have the right answer: he’s throwing Hillary under the bus for running a bad campaign.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

President Barack Obama suggested that Hillary Clinton’s hyper-progressive, city-focused campaign strategy led to her defeat on Nov. 8, and has given the GOP a chance to win political dominance for many years.

“One message that I do have for Democrats, is that a strategy that’s just micro-targeting particular discrete groups in a Democratic coalition sometimes will win you the election but it is not going to win you the broad mandate you need,” a subdued Obama told reporters at a Nov. 20 press conference in Lima, Peru, at the tail-end of his last international trip.

Obama acknowledged that Donald Trump’s win has put the nation’s politics “up for grabs,” and could allow the GOP to win long-term dominance. 

Certainly think it’s true that politics in America right now are a little bit up for grabs. That some of the old alignments in both parties, Democrat and Republican, are being reshaped. And although the results of this election involved some of the specifics of the candidates and aren’t going to be duplicated in every subsequent election, Democrats do have to do some thinking about how do we make sure that the message we have is received effectively and results in winning elections.

That’s a huge admission for Obama. He has repeatedly argued that Trump and his supporters are far outside the mainstream of what Democrats paint as an electorate split into discrete and diverse ethnic, sexual and civic minorities.

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