Obama’s Deep State In Deep Trouble

Slowly, we’re learning the Obama State Department was hands-on and working behind the scenes on the Trump-Russia investigation.

It’s just come to light that State Department officials obtained and reviewed the now notorious Steele dossier by mid-July 2016, weeks before the bias-embroiled FBI ever got the memo.

What’s more, a Senate hearing on Wednesday just revealed closer contacts between that dossier’s author, Christopher Steele, and the Obama State Department.

Obviously the State Department has no business reviewing a dossier which was the subject (and object, oddly) of an ongoing FBI investigation.

How much more evidence do we need that this whole spaghetti mess points back to Obama himself?

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

Drip by drip, details have emerged over the past several months showing the Department of State under the Obama administration played a larger role at key junctures in the Trump-Russia probe than previously known.

State Department officials obtained and reviewed parts of the infamous Steele dossier by mid-July 2016, well before FBI headquarters had access to the document. The U.S. embassy in London was also an early recipient of information about former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos that the FBI would use to justify opening its counterintelligence investigation in late July 2016. And in a little-noticed Senate hearing on Wednesday, it was revealed that dossier author Christopher Steele briefed State Department officials at Foggy Bottom in October 2016.

The briefing suggests closer contacts between Steele and the State Department than the agency has acknowledged.

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