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Ohio Protestant Pastors Unite Behind Abortion

Two groups of Ohio pastors and clergy have helped organize carpools for women to get out-of-state abortions in the wake of the state’s heartbeat law going into effect.

Women are traveling to Pennsylvania for abortions with assistance from Ohio Clergy for Choice, a group of pro-abortion pastors, and Faith Choice Ohio, a group that holds abortion to be a moral, religious good, according to Rev. Terry Williams.

“The clinics had to call people on Friday and say, ‘You can’t come in tomorrow. You can’t come in tonight,” Williams told the Akron Beacon Journal. “When that happened, there were multiple carpools of individuals from Akron, Canton and over into Youngstown that drove people to Pittsburgh or up to Erie to be able to get abortion care.”

Last year, Faith Choice Ohio started offering training sessions dealing with self-managed abortions. Last month, the group started a fundraiser for women seeking abortion. The fund, called the Jubilee Fund for Abortion Justice, was set up as a religious organization so that the state of Ohio would not be able to prosecute the group if legislation is passed to seize money collected to fund abortion. Read more…

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