Ohio State University Students Protest After School Reports Hate Crime By Black Assailants Against White Students

Students at The Ohio State University gathered early last month to protest the school’s handling of a hate crime involving black assailants and white victims.

OSU is required by the Clery Act to report crimes that occur on and around campus and sent a Public Safety Notice to the community explaining that on September 2, two related hate crimes “occurred in the campus area.”

“At approximately 11 p.m., officers responded to W. 12th Avenue and College Road on the report of a fight in progress. Officers arrived on scene and located the victim, an Ohio State student. The victim reported that he was walking along High Street on the west sidewalk when an unknown Black male standing across the street yelled a racial slur. The two exchanged words and the suspect that initiated the altercation ran toward the victim punching him in the face. The victim left the area before seeking help for his injuries,” the notice said.

Two other students approached police to “report a similar incident from around the same time.” These two students said a Black female in the off-campus area pulled up next to the victims in her car and yelled the same racial slur at them. The students ignored the driver but she either followed them or came across them again, this time getting out of her car and attacking the female OSU student while a Black male – which police believe to be the same man who attacked the other student – attacked the male OSU student.

The race of the victims was not identified until days later when two follow-up emails sent from OSU’s Department of Public Safety, Campus Reform reported. Read more…

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