Ohr Shared Intel With Mueller Team Prosecutors…Before the 2016 Election

Fox News’ Catherine Herridge has unearthed a bombshell of incriminating detail related to the role of Justice Department official Bruce Ohr in sharing “Russian collusion” dossier details during the peak of the 2016 presidential campaign with prosecutors who are currently serving on the Robert Mueller investigative team. Not surprisingly, Ohr has yet to be questioned by Robert Mueller. New revelations gleaned from Ohr’s closed-door testimony also starkly conflict with a 2018 memo from Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee regarding the surveillance application for spying on Trump campaign aide Carter Page. That Dem memo argues “the Majority mischaracterizes Bruce Ohr’s role, overstates the significance of his interactions with Steele, and misleads about the timeframe of Ohr’s communications with the FBI.” Ahem. The truth hurts, and now the carpet is completely pulled from under the Mueller investigation.

Here’s more from Fox News…

Details about Justice Department official Bruce Ohr’s meetings with the author of the salacious anti-Trump dossier were shared by Ohr with his expansive circle of contacts inside the department — including senior FBI leadership and officials now assigned to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, Fox News has learned.

Ohr gave a closed-door transcribed interview last August sharing details of his 2016 meetings with British ex-spy Christopher Steele, who authored the dossier later used to secure a surveillance warrant for a Trump campaign aide. The interview was part of the Republican-led House Oversight and Judiciary Committee probes.

In a series of questions about his meetings with Steele, including one on July 30, 2016, and who he shared the information with, Fox News has confirmed the Ohr transcript stated: “Andy McCabe, yes and met with him and Lisa Page and provided information to him. I subsequently met with Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, and eventually (an FBI agent). And I also provided this information to people in the criminal division specifically Bruce Swartz, Zainab Ahmad, Andrew Weissmann.”

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