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One Little Country Resisting Biden’s Imperialism

…She compared Malta’s protections for unborn babies to torture and claimed that Malta’s pro-life laws deny women’s basic human rights.

Mrs. Mijatovic has also advocated for the restriction of the conscience rights of medical workers who refuse to abort unborn babies. According to The Independent, its report calls for “safeguarding access to health care in light of conscientious refusals to provide care.”

The Maltese government quickly rejected Mrs. Mijatovic’s claims. In response to her report, the country’s leaders affirmed their support for sexual and reproductive health services, but dismissed the notion that such services include an “intrinsic right” to abort an unborn baby, according to Malta Today.

They stressed that their pro-life laws do not put women’s lives at risk. In its response to the commissioner’s remarks, the government noted that no maternal deaths or abortion complications have been recorded in the last ten years. Read more…

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