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One Mom Says “I’ve Had Enough”

“Care and Feeding” is’s regular parenting column. Given Slate’s readership, the column has published letters about 11-year-old transgender children and teen polyamorous dating. But recently, the publication published a stunning letter from a parent on the topic of her daughter’s education:

“I am a liberal, White, upper-middle-class parent, and we live in a mixed-income, racially integrated urban neighborhood. When it came time to enroll our daughter in high school, we selected a school that was majority Black because it was close by, and we rejected the notion of getting caught up in which magnet school was most prestigious. Our daughter had a horrible time there—she was harassed so much that we had to pull her out, and other non-Black students there were victimized because of their race…”

In his response to Hoping I’m Not a Karen (let’s call her HINK from now on), Slate’s Jamilah Lemieux briefly makes the required sounds about bullying being unacceptable, feeling sorry for her daughter, blah blah blah. But after having done that, Lemieux quickly tells us what she really thinks: HINK’s daughter deserved what happened to her because of her race. The only thing she doesn’t deserve, in fact, is sympathy. Read more…

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