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One Top Globalist Might Get the Takedown From His Own Voters

You probably remember that, earlier this year, France’s outgoing president Emmanuel Macron insulted those who refused to take the COVID experimental “vaccine.” In short, he told a national daily: “The unvaxxed, I really feel like pissing them off. And so we’re going to keep on doing that, to the very end. That’s the strategy.” Shortly afterwards, the “vaccine pass” came into effect, depriving those who did not have a sufficient mix of jabs and infections of all cultural and leisure activities, restaurants and cafés, fast trains, and even out-door sports.

But the profane word was “affectionate,” Macron has now declared.

During the presidential campaign that will end on Sunday with the run-off between Macron and challenger Marine Le Pen, the (mis-)management of the COVID crisis was not as much to the fore as it should have been. Candidates appear to have been wary of frightening off voters when so many have fallen for the official COVID narrative. However, Le Pen has repeatedly and strongly stated that, once elected, she plans to reinstate the 15,000 (according to official numbers) health workers who were suspended without pay, unemployment benefits, or indeed any kind of income, with full restitution of their suspended salaries.

She has also committed to scrapping the vaccine pass, which for the moment is only “suspended” and can be reactivated without a vote until July 31. Read more…

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