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Only 5% of Kabul Evacuees Are Americans

A mere 5% of those evacuated from Afghanistan through the Kabul Airport are American citizens, raising questions about the nature of the mass airlifts from the country following its capitulation to the Taliban.

As of Wednesday, more than 82,000 people have been lifted from Afghanistan, many of them merely applicants for the Special Immigration Visa offered to those who can demonstrate having worked with American service members and government officials during the 20-year war in the country.

4,400 of those evacuated are US citizens.

The Kabul operation more clearly resembles a mass migration operation than an evacuation of citizens, with rumors having been spread throughout Kabul that the Americans will take anyone who believes they can lodge a credible asylum claim. Time will tell how many of those moved from Kabul will qualify for US permanent residency or asylum. Read more…

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