Oops: Facebook, Google Blocks Ads for Gun…Locks

In the left’s stampede to “do something” about gun control in the wake of Parkland, Florida, common sense is running into a bit of rocky road.

Facebook, Google and other leftist social media travelers have pulled the trigger on a ‘ready, fire, aim’ strategy (pun fully intended) to block advertising for guns on their networks.

The problem is they didn’t quite think this one through to its logical end, and now they’ve shot themselves in the proverbial foot.

It appears their new filtering algorithms are also blocking ads for gun locks, which of course are designed to prevent gun deaths.

One might make the argument that Facebook and Google have now contributed to a potential increase in gun violence as a result.

Put this one down in the ‘epic fail’ files.

Here’s more from Hotair…

In the wake of the Florida school shooting, activists on the left have been in their standard mode of screaming for someone to “do something” without much of a clear idea as to what that “something” might be. With no government action on that front, online giants with influence in the retail sector, including Facebook and Google, decided to take action on their own. They began suppressing advertising for the sale of guns. (Which the New York Times described as simply fabulous.)

So… no more advertisements for gun sales. But it wasn’t that easy to implement apparently. They didn’t just block ads for the sale of firearms. They wound up blocking ads for anything even vaguely related to guns, sometimes with hysterical results. In one of the more extreme examples of that phenomenon, they managed to supress advertisements for gun safety locks, including those from ZORE, a company that doesn’t even sell guns. Just safety devices designed to do precisely what supporters of the advertising ban claimed they hoped to achieve. This from Mairead Mcardle at National Review.

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