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OPEC Humiliates Biden Once Again

For decades, left-wing Democrats have been advocating higher gas prices – after all, there is no stopping global warming as long as there’s $2 gas. But now the tables have turned. Gas prices are high and climbing again, and Democrats are in a panic. There’s an election coming up in a month – didn’t you hear?

Currently, in spite of White House spin, gas is about $1.50 higher on average than when President Joe Biden took office. In some politically sensitive states, gas prices are exceedingly high, such as in Wisconsin ($4.06, according to AAA), Arizona ($4.51), and Nevada ($5.54).

Part of the blame lies with Biden himself, between his anti-fossil fuel policies and his predictably inflationary post-COVID spending. Part of the blame lies with the Russian invasion of Ukraine – but not that much of it. Gas prices had already shot up by $1.25 per gallon before President Vladimir Putin went to war. Read more…

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