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Orban Has Torched the Globalist Agenda, and Here’s How

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán addressed CPAC Texas in Dallas on Thursday where he lended his advice on how American conservatives should fight back against the liberal power structure…

“The leading power of the free world wanted to force us to change our constitution to globalist liberal concepts. How bizarre,” he said.

“They hate me and slander me and my country as they hate you and slander you and the America you stand for,” Orbán added. “I am here to tell you that we should unite our forces.”

Orbán said that fighting against the communist threat may be a long and hard battle, but it is one that is certainly worth fighting.

“We Hungarians defeated communism which was forced on us by Soviet troops and arms. It took awhile. We began are fight in 1956 and won in 1990,” he said. Read more…

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