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Orbán’s Urgent Plea to Trump: Save Western World from Ukraine War!

Former President Donald J. Trump has been hailed as the potential savior of the Western world by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who believes that Trump’s return to the White House is essential to ending the conflict in Ukraine and averting a potential World War III. In a candid interview with Tucker Carlson in Budapest, Orbán expressed his view that Trump’s foreign policy approach was the best in decades and could bring about a swift peace settlement in Ukraine.

Orbán emphasized that Trump’s presidency saw a commitment to peace, exemplified by his avoidance of initiating new wars and his efforts to broker peace deals in the Middle East. The Hungarian leader praised Trump’s respectful engagement with global powers like China, North Korea, and Russia, which contributed to a more stable international landscape.

Calling for the return of Trump to the political forefront, Orbán stressed that Trump’s foreign policy achievements are undeniable, despite criticism of his supposed lack of understanding of world politics. Orbán contested this view, asserting that Trump’s approach was effective and grounded in factual considerations.

The Hungarian prime minister tackled the prevailing strategy of the interventionist neo-liberal establishment, challenging the wisdom of pushing Ukraine to join NATO in order to ensure peace in Europe. Orbán contended that this approach may actually be counterproductive and not account for the complexities of Russian politics and mindset.

Orbán, with his background of growing up in Soviet-occupied Hungary and his anti-communist activism, offered insights into the Russian psyche, arguing that their political focus revolves around national unity and security. He stressed the futility of Western efforts to bring about change in Russia through external means, highlighting that Russia’s culture and history have forged a different approach to politics.

In regard to the war in Ukraine, Orbán debunked claims that Ukraine could win the conflict against Russia, emphasizing that the vast size and strength of the Russian nation would ultimately prevail. He criticized the false narrative propagated in the West that Ukraine is gaining ground in the war, asserting that it’s a “lie” and that the Ukrainian forces would run out of soldiers before Russia.

Orbán’s perspective comes at a critical juncture as President Joe Biden has announced a substantial military aid package for Ukraine, further escalating tensions between Western powers and Russia. The Hungarian leader’s call for Trump’s return to the political scene reflects a conservative perspective that values strong, pragmatic leadership on the global stage, suggesting that his vision aligns with an emphasis on stability, diplomacy, and national security.

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