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Pakistani Dem IT Consultant Had Access to House Intel Comms

Forget about Russia, the scandal quickly moving to top billing concerns the arrest of Pakistani Imran Awan who was caught this week attempting to escape the country.

If we’re piecing things together accurately, Awan was on the run after the FBI moved to confiscate the smashed hard drives of former Democrat Party Chairman Debbie Wasserman Shultz.

She employed Awan as her IT director for the party to the tune of roughly 4 million bucks during the Obama administration.

And because she also sat on the House Intelligence Committee, Awan had access to all communication potentially including highly classified material.

So this incident begs a number of questions. Why were the hard drives smashed, how did Awan get security clearance (if at all), and of course what did he know and when did he know it?

Here’s more from Breitbart…

The Pakistan-born longtime congressional Democratic IT consultant was arrested by federal authorities as he tried to flee the country Tuesday, sending hundreds of thousands of dollars ahead of himself to Pakistan.

Rep. King, a staunch conservative and ally of populist nationalism, stressed that the facts are anything but clear at this stage. The surface narrative itself was suspisious enough for King even before getting into the extensive criminal allegations against Awan and his brothers. The trio is reported to have been paid over $4 million over the last last eight years for providing IT services for Wasserman Schultz and up to 24 other Democratic congressman. Imran Awan himself was reportedly kept on as a “part-time” employee at a $165,000 salary.

“If the reports are right, if these three individuals…drew down, over this period of time, $4 million and Debbie Wasserman Schultz had a part-time employee who’s making $165,000 that she just fired – what – yesterday afternoon?” King mused with Schilling.

Talk, however, quickly turned to the terrible implications of the evidence so far. Reports of smashed computer hard-drives, desperate attempts to recover seized computer equipment and years of access to the computer systems of the House Democratic caucus naturally raise alarms when considered with Awan’s ties to Pakistan. King said:

They had access to the information on the multiple clients that they had, and that number is nearly a score, as I recall, they would have had access to all the information that came through all those computers in all those offices and access to…all the communications of the foreign affairs committee.

“I think this could be an enourmous act of treason with a lot of people complicit,” Schilling said in reply.

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