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Parental Rights Bills Sweeping the United States

Legislation that protects a parent’s right to block the use of gender pronouns and other gender ideology in public schools is either pending or has already been approved in all but three U.S. states.

One of the states where legislation is being heavily watched is New Hampshire, where more than 200 people turned out on April 18 in support of proposed parental rights legislation.

Republican state Sen. Dan Innis, who is gay, told The Epoch Times that he believes that rising support for parental rights measures is because the transgender movement’s targeting of children and the move to cut their parents out of the process “goes just too far,” even for many liberals.

“These bills are being labeled as anti-trans, but nothing could be further from the truth. What they are is pro-family, pro-child,” Innis said. “Their purpose is to put these major life decisions, major life changes, where they belong, and that’s in the family between the parents and the children.” Read more…

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