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Parents Rise Up Against CPS Child Predators

Citizen organizers are assembling an historic nationwide march against human trafficking and Child Protective Services (CPS) corruption on March 6, 2022. Child Protective Services is under massive nationwide scrutiny for wrongfully seizing children from parents, for seriously investigating parents for educational neglect if they choose to keep their kids home from school in the age of Coronavirus tyranny, for investigating parents as a political intimidation tactic, and for targeting parents with predictive analytics programs that find parents guilty of hypothetical bad parenting decisions even if they have not made any mistakes in reality. Parents have had enough.

“It’s a nationwide march to end human trafficking and CPS corruption, many of the people involved were trafficked or had their children taken by CPS,” Annette, the main citizen organizer, tells Big League Politics. Annette is joined in her efforts by citizen journalists Penny Shepard and Meghan Walsh, daughter of longtime America’s Most Wanted host John Walsh, with whom she is in conflict. “We have literally hundreds of emails right now, and Meghan (Walsh) has other people. The flyers are out there. There are a couple hundred people in my inbox right now organizing in cities around the country.” Read more…

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