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Parkland Student Witnessed Deputy’s Refusal to Enter School

The story of derelict deputies continues to unfold in Broward County, Florida.

Not only has the internal email from Coral Springs Police Chief to his officers been released in which he promised the truth will come out, now a student recounts witnessing Deputy Peterson cowering behind a stairwell.

Senior Brandon Huff got a text from his girlfriend inside the building alerting him to the shooting. Huff immediately ran toward the building.

As he approached he saw Deputy Peterson crouched behind a staircase, “pointing his gun at just a building.”

When Coral Springs PD arrived, three other deputies had joined Peterson in doing ‘absolutely nothing’ while 17 people were being slaughtered.

Here’s more from Redstate…

When Marjory Stoneman Davis High School senior Brandon Huff received a text from his girlfriend saying, “There’s a shooter in the room. I love you,” he said he “dropped everything and ran toward that building.”

On his way there, he saw school resource officer Scot Peterson – outside, crouched behind a staircase, “pointing his gun at just a building.” He couldn’t believe it. He saw Coach Aaron Feis and Athletic Director Chris Hixon, unarmed and without the bulletproof vest the officer had, running into the building to save students. Feis and Hixon lost their lives in the process.

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