Pastor Declares War on Leftist Race Politics

Pastor Jesse Lee Peterson appeared on the One America News network this week to discuss Christianity and morality, and infuriated left-wing activists on social media by stating that Americans should learn more about White history, and celebrate White history month instead of “so-called gay pride” during the summer.

“You know, I started the white history month in July. This is our fourth year coming up where we’re celebrating white history,” Peterson said. “And what I’ve noticed that in America, a country that was founded by white people and created by white people, one of the greatest country on this side of heaven. And so white people — invited all these other — allowed all this other stuff to happen but you can celebrate everything but white history. We must remember white history, because if it wasn’t for that, there would be no America.”

The pastor continued, “And so they got Black history, women history, Mexican history, so-called gay pride. What’s happy about being perverted? There’s nothing good about that, living in sin, right? And — but we celebrate — I don’t — but they celebrate that. But when it comes to white history they’re afraid to even mention white history. But we got to bring that back because that’s who made America great. We got to show our appreciation.” Read more…

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