Patriots Shouldn’t Fall for This Trap

While it is true that a few irresponsible actors made some wild and false accusations about the 2020 election, most conservatives’ concerns were quite valid. Literally everything about the election was unprecedented and warranted more scrutiny at the legal level. And so throughout November and December, peaceful rallies took place across the country, with attendees promising to raise their voices in unison to let their leaders know they weren’t happy with how their elections were managed…

99.9% of the Trump supporters who came to Washington on January 6 acted completely peaceful and lawful. But the tiny mob that ran into the building was ruthlessly exploited by the left-wing media to demonize and criminalize Trump supporters as “traitors” and “domestic violent extremists.”

…The Biden administration, which was sworn in just two weeks later, has used the events of that day as a pretext to massively crack down on any dissenting politics in America, using the federal government’s post-9/11 domestic surveillance laws to investigate, harass, and seize personal materials from the president’s inner circle. Meanwhile, the January 6th “select committee” holds one-sided public show trials more concerned with TV ratings and clicks than an honest and robust debate about what actually happened that day.

…Which brings us to the present moment. Read more…

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