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PayPal Polices ‘Intolerance,’ Even After Free Speech Backlash

PayPal maintains policies that penalize users for “intolerance,” even after being forced to abandon similar rules policing misinformation, creating unease among free speech advocates.

PayPal attracted ire last weekend when it published an update to its Acceptable Use Policy, including updates that labeled ” misinformation ” a category of content that could lead to financial penalties of $2,500.

PayPal responded to the backlash by withdrawing the update and labeling it an “error.” However, the company continues to rely on guidelines that provide for penalizing users for speech deemed intolerant or discriminatory.

PayPal’s policies include a clause barring the “promotion of hate, violence, racial or other forms of intolerance.” PayPal has not provided details about what the terms entail and declined to provide a comment to the Washington Examiner. Read more…

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