Pelosi: Border Wall Will Take Food from Babies, Cause Dirty Air

SanFran Nancy Pelosi is at it again with her looney tunes claims.

In a conference call with the press last week she explained why House Democrats are opposing funding for the border wall despite that a majority of Americans support it.

She detailed that money for the wall means less money for welfare and environmental programs.

In short, building a wall will cause babies to go without food and the air and water to get dirty.

But when Democrats want something new funded, miraculously there’s plenty of money to go around.

Interesting how that works.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit…

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Trump’s border wall will take food from babies and cause dirty air and water.


The Hill reported:

In a conference call with reporters, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-California, criticized Trump’s late push for some funding for the wall now, which she said would be wrong if it was budgeted for at the expense of government programs like those that help young people, the elderly and the environment.

“He did not promise that he would take food out of the mouths of babies and seniors and education, clean air, clean water, scientific research off the table in a significant way in order for him to pay for his immoral, ineffective, unwise proposal of a wall,” Pelosi said.

But she said she was open to some technology and other improvements at the border so long as they were not related in any way to the planning, prepping or building of the wall itself.

And you can keep your insurance and your doctor.

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