Pelosi Gets Owned by Heckler On Her ‘Crumbs’ Tour

We should all cut Nancy Pelosi some slack.

After all, she’s having a hard enough time remembering which presidency we’re in.

So, it comes as no surprise that she’s entirely out of touch with reality and cannot possibly fathom how a couple thousand bucks is a big deal to a working American family.

That’s why she thinks it’s a fantastic idea to go across America criticizing Trump’s tax reform, which incidentally a majority of Americans approve.

But in Arizona this week, she got completely owned by a heckler who called BS.

As she was on her usual diatribe about how terrible tax cuts are, the heckler interrogated, “How much are you worth, Nancy?”

Her reply? “We’re not talking about that.”

But since she won’t tell you, we will.

She’s the wealthiest female in all of Congress at a net worth easily in the nine-figure range.

Hence, the ‘crumbs’.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has been one of the few Democrats actively speaking out against the GOP tax cuts, usually referring to the benefits that have come about from corporations to people as “crumbs.”

Calling it “crumbs” is at best laughable, and at worst a blatant lie. Corporations have been doing everything from giving out huge bonuses, to opening up employment programs that benefit its workers. Apple announced it was going to take the extra cash garnered from the tax cut to open up a second campus and create 20,000 more jobs.

Pelosi is famously one of the most out of touch politicians in Washington, and also one of the wealthiest. The House Minority Leader is currently worth $100 million dollars, and is hilariously fighting for $100,000 in tax breaks for herself as she seeks to eliminate tax breaks for the people.

This makes Pelosi’s talk about the GOP tax cuts being evil ridiculous to hear, and one person listening to her bash the people getting tax cuts during her town hall in Phoenix, Arizona a little bit too much.

“These are kitchen table issues for America’s families,” said Pelosi. “Most people are not in deadening poverty, but some are. Most people have to struggle to make ends meet.”

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