Pelosi Slams Trump on Russia, Then Forgets Argument Mins Later

Nancy Pelosi’s serial media appearances are quickly turning into the House Democrat comedy tour.

When she holds a press conference, she’s almost always joined by colleagues, which is now obviously for the purpose of holding her in check and keeping her on message.

This week Pelosi launched into her typical invective on Obamacare and Russia with her now standard procedure in forgetting what she’s talking about, stumbling on statistics, forgetting the names of programs and titles of colleagues.

It would really be sad if it weren’t so entertaining.

Pelosi has become the Democrats’ best gift to Republicans.

Here’s more from American Mirror…

Democrats’ albatross continued to hang heavy on their messaging campaign Thursday.

Nancy Pelosi, who recently said she’s “worth the trouble” amid criticisms over her performance as leader, continued her bizarre behavior during her weekly press conference as she was confused about what time of day it was, struggled to recall her latest accusations against Russia just six minutes later, and again awkwardly stopped speaking mid-sentence and stared at reporters before resuming.

As Pelosi approached the podium on Thursday, she muttered to herself on the hot mic, “It’s afternoon. It is afternoon. Good afternoon everyone.”

She then immediately got confused about what time of day it was.

“Thank you for being here. I’m honored this morning, or now afternoon…” she said. She went on to refer to her Democratic colleague as the “chairman” of a committee, before correcting herself and calling him the “ranking member.”

Going off script proved to be a disaster.

While denouncing Republican attempts to replace Obamacare, Pelosi said, “And what does that mean? Higher costs, fewer benefits, uh, terrible age tax undermining Medicare, uh, uh, stealing from Medicare and Maid-icaid, as I should have said,” mispronouncing the word.

A statement about Medicaid left the listener to wonder what other things Pelosi thinks are covered by the program.

“As they do this, they’re making an assault on Medicaid, which is, again, very dangerous to children and other living ch— things,” she said.

Criticizing Republicans over what she sees as a lack of interest in the alleged election “hacking” by Russia, the Minority Leader said, “They hacked our democracy. Twenty-one state, local election systems were per— penetrated.”

But just six minutes later, Pelosi struggled to remember the accusation and Rep. Bennie Thompson assisted with the details.

“We’re finding out things that we didn’t even know before. For example, was it— how many states have been compromised in all of this?” she wondered aloud.

“Twenty-one,” Thompson muttered under his breath.

“Twenty-one. Twenty— twenty-one states,” Pelosi echoed.

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