Pelosi Suffers Another Brain Freeze, Mutters ‘Oh God’ to Self

Democrat House boss Nancy Pelosi has been experiencing an increasingly frequent number of brain freezes during her many public appearances.

And questions of her competence are no longer just whispers among her colleagues.

During a press conference this week on aid to Puerto Rico, a reporter through her a curveball question about gun control.

She clearly wasn’t ready for it, which was obvious when her immediate reaction was to mutter “Oh god” to herself which was picked up on audio.

She went to detail her opposition to unregulated silencers before hitting the brain freeze which played out like a skipping vinyl record.

But it’s no wonder.

Her septuagenarian status added to the increasing difficulty of having to justify liberal illogic makes for incomparable synaptic hurdles.

Here’s more from American Mirror…

Nancy Pelosi wanted to talk about a bailout for Puerto Rico today, but a reporter wanted her opinion on “gun legislation” moving through Congress instead.

The House Minority Leader couldn’t hide her disdain for — or fear of — the question.

While addressing reporters today, Pelosi muttered “oh God” into a hot mic while a reporter was asking about the bill.

“Madame Leader, I’d like to get your thoughts on some gun legislation moving toward the floor…” the reporter began.

“Oh God,” Pelosi said.

“Yeah,” she muttered to herself when the reporter said the bill would “deregulate silencers and undermine concealed carry laws.”

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