Pelosi to Dems: Fight Everything Trump, GOP Propose

San Fran Nancy is beclowning herself yet again this week with a letter sent to fellow House Democrats.

In the letter she urges her party members to stand united against the GOP and Trump, apparently no matter what they propose in Congress.

The president’s budget and probably his infrastructure plan will be released soon, as promised in the SOTU.

Dems haven’t seen a single word of it yet, but Pelosi is certain already that none of it deserves any support.

You know, stuff like roads and bridges and jobs and stronger defense.

No, none of that is any good for Democrats. Instead we should prioritize Democrat ‘values’.

Whatever those are.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told her Democratic colleagues to prepare to aggressively fight the administration’s budget, its infrastructure plan and every one of its priorities in 2018.

“Tomorrow, President Trump will release his 2019 budget and perhaps his infrastructure plan. This occasion presents us with a pivotal moment in the governance of our country,” Pelosi wrote in a letter Sunday evening. “This week, we must pivot aggressively to show the country how the Trump budget is not a statement of our values, and how the Trump infrastructure plan harms taxpayers and consumers.”

The administration is planning to roll out its infrastructure plan Monday. The proposal will ask the federal government to spend $200 billion to couple with $1.3 trillion from cities, states and private companies over the next decade to spur infrastructure projects around the nation.

Trump and Republican leadership is looking to use its 2017 tax victory as a key campaigning platform in the lead up to the November mid-term elections. Pelosi is already rallying Democrats to fight against that narrative, telling her colleagues to frame it as an attack on middle class Americans and on Obamacare.

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