Pence ‘Mystified’: Obama Was Hero for Talking to Dictators But Not Trump?

Vice President-elect Mike Pence took a shot at the media and President Obama this morning when he pointed out the obvious.

The liberal media lionized Obama for talking to foreign leaders and dictators but now see fit to rake Trump over the coals for the same thing.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” while commenting on the controversy over the phone call between President-elect Donald Trump and Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen, Vice Present-elect Mike Pence said it was “a little mystifying” President Barack Obama Cuban dictator Raul Castro and be “hailed as a hero,” while President-elect Donald Trump receives criticism for taking call from the president of Taiwan.

Pence said, “We’ll deal with policy after January the 20. This was a courtesy call and plus I have to tell you, George, it’s a little mystifying to me that President Obama can reach out to a murdering dictator in Cuba in the last year and be hailed as a hero for doing it and President-elect Donald Trump takes a courtesy call from a democratically elected leader in Taiwan and it’s become something of a controversy. I think the American people appreciate the fact that our president-elect is taking calls from and reaching out to the world and preparing on day one to lead America on the world stage.”

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