Perez the Pelosi of the DNC? Delivers Bizarre Speech to Party Faithful

Newly-elected Chairman of the Democrat party Tom Perez delivered a victory speech that came across as though he took speech class from Nancy Pelosi.

Disjointed and confusing, the speech was, shall we say, a less than inspiring start to a new era for the party of Hillary and Obama.

Here’s more from the American Mirror

Democrats are content with a batty leader in the U.S. House — and they’re apparently happy electing another one to run the Democratic National Committee.

Tom Perez — a member of the government class and most recently Barack Obama’s Labor Secretary — gave a bizarre speech about why we wanted to lead the party.

In an apparent attempt to connect with average Americans, Perez said he worked his way through college “on the back of a trash truck picking up golf balls,” while adding, “Should have used a helmet.”

No one laughed.

Perez botched an attempt to say he would be a good listener.

“I’ve learned that good leaders are great listeners. You will always have my ear and I will always have your back.

“Let me repeat that: You will always have your — my — your ear, and I will always have my — I will always your back!”

He then attempted a strange sports analogy that fell flat.

“I have the upmost respect for the importance of a team. Because you know what folks? You can’t go bowling alone and succeed. We must bowl together and that is what we will do as a party.”

Perez defeated Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison by a vote of 235-200 on Saturday.

Nancy Pelosi was seen last week giving a strange speech in which she repeated words, told the audience when to clap, and claimed John Kasich is the governor of Illinois.

Watch it:

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